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Children’s Tractor Pull Results – 2018 Fair

4 year olds
1st Justin Oelschlager, Pontiac
2nd Tanner Brucker, Gibson City
3rd Louise Foster, Paxton

5 year olds
1st Sammy Darda, Piper City
2nd Carson Berbaum, Champaign
3rd Branson Herges, Paxton
4th Camden Nuss, Gibson City
5th Braelyn Bunting, Gibson City

6 year olds
1st Sawyer Lahr, Foosland
2nd Violet Foster, Paxton
3rd Ben Norder, Crescent City

7 year olds
1st Jacob Oelschlager, Pontiac
2nd Skylar Norder, Crescent City
3rd Rylie Gillespie, Paxton

8 year olds
1st Bailey Bunting, Gibson City
2nd Addyson Austin, Emington
3rd Meredith Foster, Paxton

9 year olds
1st Rachel Darda, Piper City
2nd Isabella Gawthorp, Gibson City

11 year olds
1st Lilly Lahr, Foosland

12 year olds
1st Sara Casey, Lake in the Hills
2nd Ashley Naskrent, Lake in the Hills

Adult class
1st Ron Conover, Gibson City

1st Jennifer Darda, Piper City