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Tractor Pull Results – 2017 Fair

Tractor and Truck Pull – Old Skool – Old Skool
1st – Justin Ring, Ashland, IL
2nd – Lynn Johnson, Elkhart, IL
3rd – Ron Kolweier, Addieville, IL
4th – Brad Dame, Ashland, IL
5th – Scott McFarland, Monticello, IL
6th – Jerry Bolsen, Lovington, IL

Tractor and Truck Pull – Outlaw Tractors – Outlaw Tractors
1st – Bill Points, Waverly, IL
2nd – Bill Warmoth, Martinsville, IN
3rd – Corey Johnson, Peotone, IL
4th – Ben Coulter, Paxton, IL
5th – Bill Miller, Farina, IL
6th – Dan Reeder, Greenup, IL
7th – Kenton Campbell, Veedersburg, IN
8th – Pete Sage, Urbana, IL
9th – Brian Butler, Crawfordsville, IN
10th – Richard Crone, Martinsville, IN

Remaining classes rained out